Message from the Country Director, UNDP-Uganda

Contribution to the national development processes is a key responsibility of all the citizens of the country. Government of Uganda in this regard has taken key steps to engage with its Diaspora with a view to enhance their contribution to the national development processes. Increasingly and in recognition of the changing global economic realities, governments have to harness all available resources from within and outside of their countries to accelerate the achievement of National Development goals and the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals.

It is within this context that the Government of Uganda instituted innovations methods and tools for incorporating the Diaspora in outlining investment opportunities within Uganda aimed at mobilizing the great untapped investment potential that the Diaspora represents. It is within this context that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has partnered with key national institutions like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Uganda Investment Authority, the Bank of Uganda and UNDP to develop the necessary institutional frameworks that can support effective Diaspora investment engagement in its national development planning.

Through this engagement, a national Investment Compendium of viable opportunities has been outlined as a key document that aims to provide comprehensive information on the investment opportunities in Uganda. The Investment Compendium will ensure that Ugandans in the Diaspora are aware of the opportunities that exist in Uganda for high value investment, the process of undertaking such investment and their contribution to the attainment of the Goals of Vision 2040 of transforming the Uganda into a middle-income country in the next 15 years.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Bank of Uganda are also contributing to the efforts of increasing the investment potential through developing appropriate policies and the necessary financial instruments (like the Diaspora Bond) associated with the effective engagement of the Diaspora.

I commend the efforts of the Uganda Investment Authority in leading this seminal piece of work, the Bank of Uganda for the excellent technical guidance to the process and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their leadership.


Lebogang Motlana

Lebogang Motlana