Foreword by the Executive Director Uganda Investment Authority

I am pleased to present this Compendium, which will provide guidance for potential Diaspora investment and also be used to promote Uganda as a preferred investment destination in Africa.

This Document has been developed to give you a definite direction and focus on a Diaspora investments attraction strategy, which promotes and facilitates latent investment and technology transfer by the Diaspora.

A brief overview of the business climate in Uganda is provided with profiles of 17 sectors and a summary of market conditions, key demand drivers, a snapshot of investment opportunities as well as over 200 business ideas. Each Chapter, in this publication attempts to give information on specific aspects of investment in Uganda and provides a starting point for prospective investment from the Diaspora.

It provides summarized information on tax regimes, incentives and regulatory aspects that have a bearing on investment inflows. It also covers some legal, administrative and compliance aspects to the larger East African Community. In addition, investment and trade procedures are being simplified. There is also harmonization to cover the greater East African regional market and other countries.

I believe that for a growing and booming economy, propelled by investment, a comprehensive guide is the core of facilitating these investment inflows successfully. Furthermore, in the past decade, there have been growing Ugandan Diaspora investments and remittances, which have generated keen investment interest at home.

I compliment Uganda Investment Authority’s Investment Promotion Division, the Diaspora Desk of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and United Nations Development Program in Uganda on this valuable and timely publication, which I am sure, will prove useful to the Ugandan Diaspora and other readers.


Eng. Dr Frank B. Sebbowa
Executive Director Uganda Investment Authority
Sebbowa Frank ED UIA