Message from the Minister of Foreign Affairs

The theme for Uganda’s Golden Jubilee celebration lays emphasis on socio-economic transformation of the country. Inevitably, realization of this aspiration requires a multi-pronged approach focusing not only on the key sector priorities, but also harnessing opportunities from untapped potential and resources

There is no doubt that Ugandan Diaspora will be a central part of this effort. Over the years, there has been an increasing role and importance of the Diaspora to our country’s development. The Government is cognizant of this role, and is making deliberate attempts to maximize the benefits.

Starting with the establishing of the Diaspora services Division in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we have now come up with this Compendium of Investment and Business Opportunities. Working closely with Uganda Investment Authority, we believe that this is yet another important step towards consolidating the gains made thus far with the Diaspora resources mobilization for national development.

I invite you to take keen interest in this Compendium, which provides details on the investment and tax regime in the country, as well as potential investment and business opportunities. We are ready to provide all necessary support within our means, and look forward to continued contribution by our Diaspora to the country’s development.

For God and my Country