Message from the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Government of the Republic of Uganda has long recognized the positive role played by Ugandans living abroad in the social and economic development of the country. It is clear that the contribution to national development by the Diaspora can only grow in the years ahead as the Government puts in place an environment that will better facilitate these efforts.

This Compendium, showcases to Ugandans living abroad a catalogue of business opportunities that exist in Uganda. The Compendium is well designed with a sectoral approach. More importantly, it provides indicative investment costs that should help guide the business decisions of our Diaspora. I therefore, commend this Compendium to our Diaspora and I have no doubt that it will provide the information that is vital to increase Diaspora investment in Uganda.

I would like to once again reiterate the commitment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support our Diaspora, to lead productive and dignified lives in their host countries abroad as well as in participating in the political, social and economic development of Uganda.

I wish you the very best investment and business opportunities in Uganda.

Amb.James Mugume